Friday, January 21

Miss France 2022: the private cell phone candidates

Some candidates among the 29 young women competing for the Miss France contest have abused stories and personal photos on their social networks. As a result, the organization banned them from using cell phones.

Usually, contest participants can only access their phones when they are off duty. This year, however, they had been allowed to take it whenever they wanted to make personal content.

The use of smatphones relaxed, young women took advantage by posting many photos and videos. An unpacking not to the taste of the people who apparently supervise them …

The tone has indeed hardened this Monday evening, reports Le Parisien. “There are two or three Miss who did not respect the rules, that is to say not to reveal the elements of the production, such as places and outfits, not to film their girlfriends for reasons of equity. One of the two chaperones launched: as some did not respect the rules, sorry, but more telephone for the moment! ”, Indicated a member of the production.

Network embargo

If they can still have their phone with them to call their loved ones, they must not post anything on social networks until further notice.

“We do not want to do it on a case-by-case basis, we do not want to infantilize them and now, they will have the telephone only in the private setting”, declares Sylvie Tellier, always according to the words quoted in Le Parisien. “The laptop is an extension of our hand; today, it is societal, comments the general manager of the company Miss France. With Instagram, we put ourselves on the scene all the time but I warn girls: if you only experience it through your phones, you will miss out on your adventure. We talk to them about it, but we are not their parents. “

Note that the images that young women shoot with their phones will not be lost for everyone, however … Since they can be integrated on election night during sequences broadcast during the show. “The portraits will include selfie videos made by the candidates which allow us to discover a little more their intimacies without fuss,” announces Frédéric Gilbert, the program’s producer.

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