Tuesday, January 18

Morocco: why are Easyjet flights canceled there?

A big blow for tourism. The airline company EasyJet decided last Monday to cancel its flights to Morocco until January 2022.

The reason is due to a decision by the Moroccan authorities which obliges airlines to repatriate at their own expense all their passengers who test positive for the coronavirus upon their arrival in Morocco via the country’s airports.

While the air carrier had initially decided to cancel its flights between 25 and 30 November, it has now announced the suspension of all its links with the kingdom of the Sharif until next year.

Each month, EasyJet makes an average of 400 flights to Morocco. This withdrawal therefore represents a huge shortfall for the Moroccan tourism industry and even more as the end of year celebrations approach.

Also affected by this suspension, hoteliers must for their part respond to cancellations of reservations. This with the additional fear that this decision of EasyJet will encourage other airlines to cut, also, temporarily the bridges with Morocco.


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