Wednesday, January 19

Record numbers will change jobs now. You should ask these seven questions before you move.

Eirik Stensen had some important requirements when he applied for a new job. How do you know if a new employer is right for you?

Eirik Stensen (33) started in his fourth permanent job earlier this year. He was fired from his previous position due to the pandemic.

– You are always excited when you change jobs. You get to know new people and a new environment, says Eirik Stensen. He is a developer at Epinova and one of many who have started a new job this year. The company creates web and e-commerce solutions for various businesses.

Working life experts see record mobility in working life. But how can you be sure that it is right to change pastures? Are you really tired of your job or is the cause of a pandemic and a long time with home office?

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