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United States. Gabby Petito case: what we know about the suicide of Brian Laundrie, her boyfriend

The boyfriend of murdered young traveler Gabby Petito, who was considered a “person of interest in the investigation” into the murder of his fiancee, killed himself with a bullet in the head, according to the lawyer from his family. Brian Laundrie’s remains were found on October 20 in a Florida nature reserve.

The 23-year-old refused to answer investigators’ questions, creating doubt in public opinion about his possible role in the assassination, before disappearing.

“Chris and Roberta Laundrie have been informed that the cause of death is a gunshot wound to the head and the circumstances of the death correspond to suicide,” said Steven Bertolino, lawyer for the young man’s family. The two parents “still mourn the loss of their son, and hope that these conclusions will allow the two families to turn the page,” he added in a statement.

An insufficient first autopsy

A first autopsy entrusted to the forensic scientist of Sarasota County, Florida, could not be decided with certainty. “Human remains on the surface of the ground, with free access for predators and with heat, can decompose in just a week in Florida. Even though the water slows down the process a bit, it’s quite common to see decomposition in less than two weeks “, explained an anthropologist, Doctor Erin Kimmerleson, questioned by The Sun.

Brian Laundrie’s remains were then analyzed by a forensic anthropologist specializing in the study of skeletal corpses.

More information needed to conclude suicide

Jennifer Shen, forensic expert and former director of the San Diego Police Crime Lab, told the Sun that she believed Brian’s gun may have already been found by police, and further evidence led to the announcement of the cause of death.

“Because the disclosed cause of death was suicide by gunshot to the head, it suggests that there is additional evidence to prove it,” she said. is attributed, from entries in his notebook or from information gleaned from his phone or laptop that would indicate his state of mind, information other than the damage to the skull would be necessary to conclude that it was a suicide.

FBI singled out

The FBI is under fire after having “hidden” the fact that Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of the murdered influencer Gabby Petito, had in his possession a gun, and thus should have been regarded as “armed and dangerous” as the nation sought him out. Steve Bertolino explained that one of the family’s weapons was missing when Laundrie went missing, but that they kept this information a secret because they didn’t want the public to panic. We still don’t know where the gun is now.

What about the backpack and the notebook?

Former Assistant US Attorney Rahmani recalled that law enforcement “found a backpack and notebook near Brian Laundrie’s remains and added:” If he committed suicide, it is likely that he wrote something in the notebook about Gabby. “

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