Monday, January 17

Will Smith: the actor says he suffered from “psychosomatic reaction to orgasm” after a breakup

Will Smith speaks without taboo that he developed a sex addiction following a disappointment in love, an addiction which, he says, ended up making him sick and nauseous during orgasms.

When Mélanie Parker, his first love he knew at the age of 16, ended their relationship, the one who was not yet known as the Prince of Bel-Air, had the breakup very badly. , he explains in his autobiography, “Will”, published on November 10.

“Since there is no medicine for heartache, I resorted to homeopathic remedies, shopping, and had unrestrained sex,” confesses the one who is currently showing in the film “La Williams method ”.

Until then, “I had never had a relationship with any woman other than Melanie. But in the months that followed, I turned into a ghetto hyena, ”writes Will Smith. “I had sex with so many women that it had become unpleasant in the depths of my being. To the point of developing a psychosomatic reaction to orgasm. “

This emotional response, well known to psychologists, can indeed be the expression of “the trauma of a past relationship that can rekindle emotions during sex that make you uncomfortable,” as Health Magazine explains.

“It literally made me nauseous and sometimes even vomit,” says Will Smith. “Each time I prayed to God that the ‘beautiful stranger’ would be the one who would love me and make this pain disappear. But invariably, I felt nauseous and miserable. This woman’s gaze made my pain even worse. He adds.

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