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Housing: does the Climate Law pose a risk to the rental stock?

Ignored for some, too restrictive for others, the measure interests the landlords! Whilean owner-lessor on three does not know the provisions of the Law climat, one in two, or 51.2%, consider theeradication of thermal strainers as essential from the point of view ofgeneral interest.

However, despite a favorable opinion on the new measures, constraints such as the timetable and terms imposed by the Climate and Resilience Law could be the straw that broke the camel’s back for many of them. This is what emerges from an exclusive survey carried out by the site individuals A individuals among 6,177 landlord-landlords between November 15 and 22, 2021. Of all those surveyed, 31.8% of landlords surveyed consider to gradually withdraw from rental investment in view of what they consider to be an increase in the constraints weighing on rental! And if 43.5% plan to continue renting, it is by refraining from making new acquisitions …
Nearone in three owners does not know the Loi climate and its provisions !
30.5% of homeowners surveyed said they were unaware that the Climate and Resilience Law adopted in 2021 will make G-rated homes indecent in 2025 then F in 2028.

They are even 40% to ignore that the housing classified E will be concerned from January 1, 2034. These results testify toa lack of knowledge of the provisions and the timetable whichhave nothinganecdotals

And neara owner out of three doit not sthe is concerned by therental ban in 2025 or 2028 !

To the question, do you own an accommodation classified F or G, 31.1% of respondentses answer nhave no idea … 38.5% declare that they are not concerned and 30.4% know that they own one or more accommodation (s) classified F or G.

More generally, landlords seem increasingly demotivated

31.8% of owners surveyed plan to gradually withdraw from therental investment considering that the schedule and the constraints associated with it are the straw that broke the camel’s back, a fortiori among property owners in areas subject to rent control.

Housing: does the Climate Law pose a risk to the rental stock?  Law_cl10

At this stage, it is only an intention but if the owners did indeed take action, there would not be far from a third of the rental properties that could end up on the rental market. short or medium term sale with an unknown on the stock of rental properties available in the long term

Among those who wish to continue to rent, they are 43.5% to declare that they therefore do not consider new acquisitions and prefer to stick to the housing stock they already own.

Most, Nevertheless, aware of the need foreradicate thermal strainers

When asked about the constraints which they consider essential from the point of view of the general interest (several answers possible), they primarily cite the progressive ban on renting thermal strainers with a citation rate of 51.3%, far ahead of the rent regulation in some urban areas, which only collects 28.6%

Climate imperatives are therefore better understood and accepted than one might have thought.

FOCUS : les 1,878 owners of housing classified F or G

1,878 owners have indicated that they know hold a accommodation classified F or G.

Nearone in two owners do not knowt not yet whathe will do

Nearly 60% of owners of classified housings F or G nhave no idea of ​​the coandt work to be undertaken in order to continue to rent !

72% did not inquire about the aid available to finance the works


National survey carried out from November 15 to 22, 2021 inclusive, via an online questionnaire to 6,177 owners of one or more rental accommodation in mainland France.

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