Saturday, December 4

Stib workers mobilize against harassment

(Belga) About thirty workers from the Société des transports intercommunaux de Bruxelles (Stib) affiliated to the CGSLB led an awareness campaign against gender harassment on Thursday morning at the Jacques Brel depot in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.

These workers, supported by some male colleagues, distributed leaflets to the other agents present denouncing this type of harassment and calling for an independent investigation into the subject within the company. The demonstrators made a little noise to make their demands heard. A delegation is due to meet representatives of the management at the end of the morning, with a view to obtaining concrete measures to combat sexism. “For example, we would like sanctions for those who post photos taken on social networks while sleeping in the relaxation rooms, between the two morning and evening services”, explains Martine Vanophem, CGSLB union representative, which underlines that within the Stib, “there is harassment of a sexual nature”, in particular “in the way in which some look at us and speak to us”. “I am 59 years old and a superior who makes inappropriate remarks to me. I am a union delegate and I dare to defend myself, but I am thinking of young female drivers who have to go through much harsher things.” The delegation also hopes to secure commitments from management for the commuters. “Women who take public transport also suffer a lot of harassment. I work in security as a dispatcher and we still have a lot of calls from young girls for touching or insults,” laments Ms. Vanophem. (Belga)

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