Saturday, December 4

The Brage Prize to Jon Fosse

The Brage Prize was awarded at Dansens Hus in Oslo on Thursday night. There were more than Jon Fosse who brought Brage statuettes home.

Award-winning Jon Fosse is awarded the Brage Prize for Fiction. The jury calls his “A New Name” masterful.

The jury calls Jon Fosse’s novel “A New Name” a “powerful end to a towering work of fiction”. He is awarded the prize in the generous fiction category. Thus, Fosse gets a Brage statuette and 75,000 kroner home from Dansens Hus.

“The book functions as a stand-alone novel, but can still not be considered detached. The story of Asle, Jon Fosse’s masterpiece, is thus complete “, it is stated in the justification.

Fictionalized autobiography

The work of which “A New Name” is a part, consists of seven parts divided into three volumes.

Aftenposten’s reviewer Ingunn Økland wrote in her review of the book that religious thoughts and feelings characterize the entire work, but increase sharply in the last volume. Økland also points out that there are several common features between the books’ main character and the author himself.

«… From growing up environment and medical history to art. As a whole is «Septologies» a kind of fictionalized autobiography in three stages, with, among other things, the professional difference that Asle is an artist, not a poet. “

Fosse has previously been awarded the Brage honorary prize in 2005. This year the honorary prize goes to Liv Køltzow. She has previously won the Brage Prize for Fiction, with the book “The World Disappears” in 1997.

The jury justifies the honorary award with the fact that her authorship represents distinctive contributions to Norwegian literature, and that it has an “obvious place in Norwegian literary history”.

Intellectual non-fiction party

Lena Lindgren was awarded the Brage Prize in the non-fiction category for the book «Ekko. An essay on algorithms and desires ». It addresses polarization, cancellation culture and radicalization. Many have written a lot about it.

Fewer have gone to the source – to a technology that can accelerate our most primitive drives and instincts. It was time for someone to do this, and Lena Lindgren has done it brilliantly “, the jury believes.

Aftenposten’s reviewer Per Kristian Bjørkeng called the essay an «intellectual party».

Strong literature for young readers

Erlend Skjetne has been awarded the Brage Prize for children’s and young people’s books with «Another look». In the book, an Afghan tells the story of a refugee reception center for young asylum seekers in northern Norway. The award is justified, among other things, by the fact that Skjetne gives the reader insight into a situation that we do not hear much about, and which is difficult to understand.

This year, the open class category was non-fiction for children and young people. Here Mariangela Di Fiore and Cathrine Trønnes Lie were awarded the prize for the book «Sisters. My story after Utøya ».

According to the jury, it is “a personal, strong and captivating textbook for young people that takes us back to the terrorist attack that hit AUF’s summer camp in 2011”.

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