Tuesday, January 25

Baldwin case: targeted by two complaints, the actor hires a lawyer

Accused of “negligence” and of having “played Russian roulette” by members of the film crew, the American actor decided to defend himself.

This follows the drama of October 21: the actor had activated a weapon containing live ammunition during the filming of the western “Rust”. The bullet went through the torso of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, fatally injuring her.

According to the specialized site Deadline, the American actor is targeted by two complaints. He decided to hire Aaron S. Dyer, an attorney with “Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman” in Los Angless.

A first complaint for “negligence” was lodged last November 10 by the chief lighting designer of the film Serge Svetnoy. The latter claims to have been deafened by the detonation of the revolver during the accident.

Alec Badlwin has been the target of a second complaint since Wednesday.

“Negligence” and “Russian Roulette”

This time, it is signed Mamie Mitchell, employed as a scriptwriter on the set. During the tragedy, she had called for help to try to save Halyna Hutchins. She says she currently suffers from “emotional distress” and other disturbances resulting from damage “intentionally caused” by the production.

“The events leading up to Baldwin’s triggering of a loaded weapon were not mere negligence,” scriptwriter’s lawyer Gloria Allred said at a press conference in Los Angeles.

“On the contrary, from our point of view, Baldwin chose to play Russian roulette when he activated a weapon without having checked it and without the gunsmith having done so in his presence,” says the lawyer. .

Failure to check the weapon, professional misconduct

Also targeted by the complaint are assistant director David Halls, who had handed the gun to Alec Baldwin, telling him that it was harmless, and the armourer of the set, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was responsible for the weapons at fire used by the team.

The 24-year-old has repeatedly claimed that she was unaware of the presence of live ammunition on the set.

“Baldwin and the (other) experienced professionals knew that the weapon in question should never have been handed to him by the assistant director” but by the shooting armory, ”Gloria Allred accused.

The actor “could not therefore trust any statement of the assistant director on the harmlessness of the weapon”, she reproaches him.

Safety guidelines in the movie industry in the United States state that the gunsmith must explicitly show an actor that the weapon is safe and then hand it directly to him. “Baldwin knew that was the rule and that it was broken. And he did not check the weapon himself, ”adds the lawyer.


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