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“Brat of the Republic” – A former Prefect supports Eric Zemmour

On the occasion of the release of a book announced on December 2 by VA-Editions, the honorary prefect Gilbert PAYET indicates that he has just joined Eric Zemmour’s campaign team as “Technical and legal adviser”.

the book of Prefect Payet

collaborator ofEric Zemmour

Presentation of the book by the publisher:

  • For the first time, a prefect with an extremely varied career in Paris and in the provinces, shares a sharp and critical look at our IT’Stat, nobe administration and the gaps in our law with many real-life examples.

  • A sharp criticism of the inconsistencies in our migration policy and the rights of foreigners, as well as the obstacles put in place.action of the services of theIT’Stat.

  • A punctilious storyx on the management of major crises.

From “Brat the court”, or a child brought up in the open air in Reunion, to Prefect of the Republic, Gilbert Payet describes a journey of exceptional richness and diversity. His sharp gaze and his ability to step back allow him to analyze without detour the evils of our State and our administration: Hypertrophy of central administrations, cult of presenteeism, excesses of our republican monarchy.

Based on concrete examples, he delivers a ruthless analysis of the inconsistencies of our law and the obstacles placed on the action of those responsible for its implementation: foreigners condemned and banned from the territory but circulating freely with a summons to the prefecture or under the protection of the judicial authority; neighborhoods or schools under Salafist influence; but also French companies faced with unfair competition under the guise of European regulations as unfair as they are unsuitable or crumbling under the burdens of a social model that is now outdated.

The analysis is accompanied by personal proposals in favor of the reconquest of our sovereignty and the return to the recognition of the discretionary power of the administration when the security of our fellow citizens is at stake.

LAUTHOR : Gilbert PAYET, honorary prefect. Born in Reunion Island and from a modest background, he decided at the age of nine that he would be prefect. “After brilliant studies (IEP, law, economics) and success in the ENA competition, the kid’s dream became reality in 2005 when he was appointed prefect of Haute-Corse. Prefect of Nièvre, Vosges, Saône-et-Loire, Pyrénées-Atlantiques where he had as a trainee Sarah KNAFO, he also acquired a great knowledge of central administrations and the workings of power, particularly in the cabinet of Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, or in the direction of the courses of the ENA “.

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