Saturday, January 22

Downturn for the Norwegians – a Norwegian could cheer

The best Norwegian biathletes shot away in the season premiere in Östersund, but not all.

FAR BEHIND: Tiril Eckhoff struggled on the stand today. It ended with five booms on the normal.

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Tiril Eckhoff (five booms), Marte Olsbu Røiseland (three booms) and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (three booms) were without a chance of victory after poor shooting on today’s 15-kilometer. Emilie Kalkenberg came closest. She finished in 7th place after 19 hits.

Her best place in the World Cup is precisely from Östersund. In March, she took 5th place at the start of the hunt.

Olsbu Røiseland finished in 9th place in the finish. Karoline Knotten hit on 19 shots, but struggled in the track and became number 19, place ahead of Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold.

– It was weak shooting under quite good conditions, states NRK expert Ola Lunde.

No one could do anything with Egil Gjelland’s “student” Marketa Davidova. The 24-year-old impressed on the stand and shot 20 hits, as one of four runners. She went in to her third World Cup winner – the second on the normal. In all three races, the 24-year-old has been faultless.

– The normal should be enough, Egil always says, and we have put in the same job as before, Davidova says to NRK.

– Impressive

– It is an impressive race, and she has had a great development only since last year, Ola Lunde thinks.

The closest came Lisa Theresa Hauser (27) who missed one shot on the last shot. In the finish she was 1.19 behind Davidova. Veteran Denise Herrmann hit 19 shots and took 3rd place.

Tiril Eckhoff consoled herself that she was better than during the opening in Kontiolahti last year. Then she started with a 67th place after seven booms.

– It was a bad start, but it was maybe better than last year. I can take that with me. I’m a little excited and nervous and may not have been ready to shoot. I was not determined enough. I have to go home and work on it a bit, says Tiril Eckhoff to NRK.

She eventually finished in 30th place.

– I had nerves today, so it’s okay that this opening race is done. That’s how it is in the beginning, says Marte Olsbu Røiseland.

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