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Friends: Janice makes a surprise appearance on TikTok, the time of a statement to Chandler

The actress Maggie Wheeler, has slipped again in the skin of the character of “Janice” of the series Friends, the time of a surprise appearance in a TikTok video shared this November 23.

“So no one is talking about the only mistake in Friends” starts singing Jax, a musician from New Jersey. The young artist indeed wanted to rewrite the lyrics of the title “I’ll be there for you” performed by the group The Rembrandts, taking the point of view of the role of “Janice”, who was the perpetual ex-girlfriend of “Chandler”.

“The best couple in the series didn’t end up together. Chandler and Monica went well together, but I think Chandler should have ended up with someone else, ”the songwriter sings on TikTok, using the credits of the series.


From Janice’s Perspective #foryou #FRIENDS #fyp #backintheday

original sound – Jax

Jax then leaves his place to Maggie Wheeler who suddenly appears in front of the camera. The 60-year-old actress then lets go of her legendary “Oh my god”. Then she starts singing, “Chandler, I’ll wait for you, when you and Monica get divorced, I’ll wait for you, you know you’ve always loved me more.” You love me Chandler Bing, ”she concludes before laughing, whose vocal signature remains unforgettable.

As reported People, Maggie Wheeler recently said “she had no idea Janice would become one of the fan favorite characters of the show, during the ten seasons.” If at the beginning, her appearance was planned for an episode, the actress revealed “that she was always delighted that the writers recalled her to offer a continuation in the life of this character, throughout the series”.


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