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Hat trick hero Lehne Olsen humiliated Strømsgodset

(Lillestrøm – Strømsgodset 4–1) Thomas Lehne Olsen (30) is in the shape of his life this season. On Saturday night, he climbed to a shared 1st place on the top scorer list in the Elite Series after three online acquaintances.

GOAL KING: Thomas Lehne Olsen has had a huge season in the LSK kit. Against Strømsgodset, he scored for this year’s 23rd, 24th and 25th scoring.

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Only Molde’s Ohi Omoijuanfo can “match” Lehne Olsen’s scoring pace this season. The two strikers have both been rewarded with national team selections by Ståle Solbakken this autumn, and now have 25 online acquaintances in the first 28 series rounds.

Against Strømsgodset, Lehne Olsen could have had even more. Two post hits prevented the humiliation of Strømsgodset from becoming greater. 1-0 came after 22 minutes, while 2-0 and 3-0 came just before the break.

The latter was provided by Vetle Dragsnes. Lehne Olsen completed his hat trick when he put in 4-0 after 63 minutes.

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Strømsgodset’s Johan Hove decorated the result just before the end, but it was never close to being exciting.

The evening’s three points ensured that Lillestrøm got past Rosenborg in the table in 4th place.

Trøndelag will receive league leader Bodø / Glimt on Sunday night.

Even before the minute was played, Thomas Lehne Olsen was about to send the home team in the lead. Margins on the other hand, made sure that it was post out – and not in. The home team continued to create great opportunities for both Espen Garnås and Gjermund Åsen in the next few minutes.

After a terrific opening of the settlement, however, things calmed down a bit at Åråsen. But it was the home team that continued with the initiative.

22 minutes played and who else? He stood with 22 goals before tonight’s settlement. Eskild Edh’s good cross pass ensured that Thomas Lehne Olsen could sign on the scoring list for the 23rd time this season. There were 20 online acquaintances more than the next teammate on the list. This would eventually increase to 22.

Two minutes before the break, the striker struck again, before Vetle Dragsnes made sure that Lillestrøm could go into the locker room with a very comfortable and deserved 3-0 lead.

The last goal of the round was by the way Dragnses’ first online acquaintance for the club after the transfer from Mjøndalen this winter.

Vetle Dragsnes could cheer for online recognition just before the break.

Thus, the LSK camp could be very satisfied in what they went to break.

– I’m very pleased. There is pressure in our game and it goes in the longitudinal direction, said LSK coach Geir Bakke to DIsocvery + before the second round.

Strømsgodset coach Håkon Wibe-Lund was naturally at the other end of the emotional scale.

– We have to fix most things. This is the first time in a long time that I am pissed off at what we are achieving. It’s weighty and awkward, thundered the coach to the same channel.

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The second half was a bit like expected a little anticlimax, but Lehne Olsen refused to give up before he got his hat trick. 63 minutes had been played when Strømsgodset was in the generous corner. Magnus Knudsen took advantage of this, who elegantly played through Lehne Olsen.

He naturally did everything right alone with Godset goalkeeper Morten Sætra and put 4-0.

Shortly afterwards, Lehne Olsen was able to walk off the Åråsen mat to standing ovations when he was replaced with 20 minutes left on the clock.

Johan Hove made sure that the Drammen team brought home a consolation goal when he reduced after 86 minutes.

It ended 4-1 at Åråsen.

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