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Lehne Olsen’s figures on a par with the goal kings: – Our game is set up a bit like that

With 22 league goals out of a total of 40, you have to return to the elite league top scorer of all time to find the last one man has carried the team in the same way as Thomas Lehne Olsen (30) has done with Lillestrøm.

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This season, he currently stands with 55 percent of the LSK goals, and the last time a player had an equally hefty share of the team’s goals was Sigurd Rushfeldt in 1994.

Then the Tromsø icon had over 59 percent of Tromsø’s goals (13 of a modest 22), and Rushfeldt actually got a World Cup trip to the USA with Drillo’s national team that year. Since then, he scored even more, both for Tromsø and Rosenborg, and his 172 goals in the top division have stood as a record on the men’s side for ten years – and will do so for at least ten more.

Thomas Lehne Olsen’s goals have also given him his national team debut. To his greedy piece of cake from the Lillestrøm diagram of hits, he gives the following explanation:

– I try to look behind the numbers. We have had a lot of goals from posts, and then I am the one who is first in there, and preferably the one you are aiming for. Our game is set up a bit like that, points out Lehne Olsen, who has also scored two of the five goals Lillestrøm has scored outside the 16-meter in this year’s series.

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Both Lehne Olsen and Lillestrøm coach Geir Bakke find it difficult to answer what is really best for a football team – to have a reliable, superb top scorer or an evenly distributed number of several.

– We would like to have more with more goals. At the same time, I always think it’s important to have a top scorer, one who stands out a little. We discussed a bit the other day, and almost all the years RBK has taken gold, they often have the top scorer. It is important to have one, says Lehne Olsen.

An old Rosenborg top scorer – perhaps the biggest and best of them all – holds the record in this company. When the legendary Odd Iversen scored 26 goals in 18 league games in 1969, he accounted for an insane 72.2 percent of the goals. And the Trøndelag team won the series superiorly.

Also in the dominance from 1988 and to the last trophy in 2018, the Trøndelag have had the top scorer 13 times in the 22 gold seasons.

– I am very happy because Thomas has scored several goals. Then I wish we had more on the scoring list more often. We are working on that, says Lillestrøm coach Geir Bakke.

– Had LSK been even closer to a top position with several names more frequently on the scoring list?

– The statistics indicate that we have received what we deserve in many areas. If you measure duel play, possession, how many we have let in against the number of chances against, then we are about the average of what to expect. We are about on the table where we have deserved to be, Bakke answers.

The difference to the next Lillestrøm player on the goal scorer list also says a lot about Thomas Lehne Olsen’s season.

Tom Pettersson, the Swedish midfielder who came this summer, is the second most dangerous canary with three goals. As many as 19 goals differ from number one to two, and the same number also applies as of today in Molde:

League top scorer Ohi Omoijuanfo, the only one with more “boxes” than Thomas Lehne Olsen this year, with his 25 goals also has 19 down to teammates Kristoffer Haugen and Eirik Ulland Andersen at 6.

Here, too, one must go back to Odd Iversen’s time to find larger gaps. Ivers’ record-breaking 30 goals (18 games) from 1968 were 24 goals better than his next teammate.

It is unlikely to surpass Ohi or Lehne Olsen this season. The former goes to Røde Stjerne after the season, while it is unclear whether Lehne Olsen will extend with Lillestrøm or be sold abroad. Lillestrøm’s sports manager Simon Mesfin recently confirmed that it was good with interest around the star tip.

– No formation, Geir Bakke answers whether he thinks he will keep his top scorer through the January window.

PS! Lillestrøm and Thomas Lehne Olsen receive Strømsgodset in the Max-sent settlement at Åråsen on Saturday night.


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