Wednesday, January 26

Seine-Saint-Denis: a woman fatally stabbed by her companion

The police attempted a cardiac massage on Friday evening on the woman stabbed by her companion in Epiney-sur-SeineDENIS CHARLET

A 44-year-old woman was stabbed to death at the foot of her building on Friday evening in Epinay-sur-Seine, in Seine-Saint-Denis) by her companion who had just left prison after serving a sentence for violence, we learned on Saturday from the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

The victim was returning home around 7.45 p.m. when she met her companion who stabbed her several times, the prosecutor’s office told AFP, confirming information from Point.

The police tried a cardiac massage before the arrival of the firefighters who noted the death at 8:37 p.m., said the Bobigny prosecutor’s office in a press release. “A knife having probably been used for the crime was found in a nearby bush”, according to the same source.

The perpetrator, aged 51, was sentenced on July 25 to one year in prison, including six months closed for violence and threats committed against his partner on June 7.

Since July, this woman had a telephone in serious danger. But on Friday, the device was found at his home.

This portable device has a pre-programmed “shortcut” key, allowing victims in serious danger to reach a 24-hour remote assistance service. The latter is responsible for quickly requesting the intervention of the police through a dedicated channel.

The victim had triggered his phone in serious danger on October 5, when the man was downstairs from her home. “According to a police report, he had not come into contact with her and had left the scene” before the arrival of the police, said the prosecution.

Part of the 50-year-old’s reprieve had been revoked and he had returned to prison. He was finally released on November 17.

The couple’s two daughters, aged 5 and 14, did not attend the scene and were taken care of by the feminicide protocol set up in Seine-Saint-Denis. This protocol first provides for psychological support in the hospital for a few days and then their placement.

The perpetrator went the same evening to the police station and was taken into custody, said the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

According to a recent report from the Ministry of the Interior, 146 women were victims of feminicides, that is to say killed by their spouse or ex-spouse in 2019, and 102 in 2020.

In mid-November, the collective Feminicides by companion or ex reported on Facebook of the “100th and 101st” feminicides of the year 2021 in France, according to its report.

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