Friday, January 28

The time for gold parties may be over

ABOUT CROSS-COUNTRY: The start of the season may have given a slight hint that cross-country winter may not be as dominated by red, white and blue as we have become accustomed to.

Change of ownership. Therese Johaug leaves the chair and lets she, who has been given the label “the new Johaug”, Frida Karlsson, take over. Johaug went on a rare bang on one of his favorite distances.

RUKA (Aftenposten): Winter shoes stomped against squeaking snow, frost smoke through bandages drifted over the arena. The degree approached 20 minus. A glance at the big screen results lists was enough to establish the cold facts.

The first four races of the World Cup had not given a single victory to Norwegian cross-country skiers.

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