Wednesday, January 19

Corsica: elected officials want a debate for the autonomy of the island

Two Corsican deputies called for the opening of a dialogue on the island’s autonomy on Saturday, similar to what was proposed in Guadeloupe where the government said it was “ready” to raise the issue. .

Jean-Félix Acquaviva, MP for Haute-Corse, issued a statement on Saturday calling for a “solemn call for a similar process in Corsica” to that proposed in Guadeloupe.

“The government is therefore ready to talk about the autonomy of Guadeloupe as one of the structural solutions to bring to this crisis. It took violence, nights of riots to arrive at this evidence. This does not fail to challenge “, he was moved, recalling that in Corsica” it has been years since universal suffrage has been clear and limpid on these questions by allowing a large majority of Corsicans to determine themselves in such a way. reiterated for full legislative autonomy ”.

“Go in the direction of history”

For its part, the political party Femu a Corsica called on the state to “go in the direction of history by installing a new political process in Corsica, turning its back on the old demons of exacerbated centralism or even a colonial attitude Added Gilles Simeoni, who is also the party’s national secretary to the president of the Executive Council of Corsica.

For his part, the autonomist MP for Corse-du-Sud Paul-André Colombiani said on his social networks that the state could no longer “ignore” the dialogue demanded by Corsica and the nationalists, the majority on the island.

In 2014, at the end of four decades of armed struggle marked by numerous attacks, the Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC) announced the laying down of arms.

Since then, the nationalists have won several important ballots and have established themselves as the majority political current on the island, especially during the territorial elections in June.

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