Tuesday, January 18

United States: migrant found alive in airplane landing gear

An illegal immigrant who hid in the undercarriage of an American Airlines plane survived a nearly three-hour flight from Guatemala City to Miami, before being arrested.

The 26-year-old man, whose nationality has not been disclosed, was apprehended by border guards on Saturday morning and taken to hospital for a medical assessment, the US Customs and Border Protection Service said (CBP).

A video circulating on the Internet and relayed by the American media shows a man, dressed in a simple light jacket, disoriented who sits on the tarmac, under the astonished gaze of airport employees.

According to the US aviation agency FAA, illegal immigrants hiding in plane undercarriages are at risk of dying from hypothermia as temperatures drop from a certain altitude. They may also run out of oxygen and of course fall from the device.

At least 129 people have been found concealed in the wheels or other spaces of commercial flights since 1947 in the United States, according to the FAA. Of these 129 people, 100 died of injuries related to the extreme conditions of this type of trip.


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