Monday, January 24

Blockages / Serge Gouteyron: “That’s enough!” – Faxinfo

In the aftermath of the day of violence on Sandy Ground and Baie Nettle, the prefect received socio-professionals, the economic, social and cultural council (CESC) as well as the vice-rector to take stock of the situation and then held a press conference. .

“Since Monday evening, nine cars have been set on fire as well as garbage bins, two mini markets, a restaurant and a laundromat have been ransacked on Sandy Ground and Nettle Bay, a supermarket has been the subject of an attempted burglary”, he recalled Wednesday afternoon. “Some residents had the feeling of being abandoned but I want to reassure them, the gendarmes are there,” he insisted. “I remember only one expression from the meeting: that’s enough! », Confided Serge Gouteyron who shares the opinion of the representatives of the socio-economic world.

“That’s enough,” he repeated. “Enough of the law of the street.” “That’s enough for people who have only one ambition, to stir up trouble.” “That’s enough.” On the orders he intends to give to the police, the prefect remains reserved. Wednesday afternoon, he hoped “a return to reason”. “The repression is a failure. Repression is the last resort ”, he conceives.

Finally, on the time that the prefect allows himself so that the reason returns, he did not give a precise answer either. He was waiting to see the situation evolve during the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

Thursday morning, when the gendarmes arrived at Sandy Ground to clear the carcasses of burnt cars on the road, the situation quickly escalated. Clashes took place and a new car was set on fire in the middle of the road. (

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