Friday, January 21

Corona-infected NRK commentator: – Feels a bit leprous

ÖSTERSUND (VG) Corona-infected Andreas Stabrun Smith (41) feels so alert that he does the TV job for NRK in quarantine and isolation in his hotel room also this weekend.

IN QUARANTINE: Andreas Stabrun Smith is in quarantine and isolated in his hotel room in Östersund.

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The biathlon commentator, who became infected with the covid-19 virus and thus put most of the channel’s team here in Östersund out of action, did away with two sprints on Thursday. They were commented on from a hotel, a mere kilometer from the stadium.

– It went really well. We have an incredible number of good technicians in NRK who took it as a fun challenge. That said, I hope we do not have to do this every weekend, says Stabrun Smith to VG and laughs.

For some challenges it was and it was not ideal that expert commentator Ola Lunde was not allowed to report “low left” because he – as a close contact – sat two floors below Stabrun Smith in Östersund center and watched the same TV screens as his colleague when the World Cup sprints to the women and men went off the stack on Thursday.

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– I feel very sorry for Ola. He gets into trouble because he is close contact with me and can not do his job – regardless of whether he has a negative coronate test. It gives me a bad conscience, admits Stabrun Smith.

He himself does not have much to complain about. As a vaccinated person, it is inertia to get confirmation that the “syringe” is working. So the downside is all the board that comes with a positive corona test.

– I feel a bit like a leper when you first get infected. At the same time, the staff here at the hotel has been absolutely fantastic. I get breakfast and dinner delivered to my door. Is it weird I want to stay?

At first he had intended to get in a car and drive straight home to Oslo. With all the “get well” cards, he will be created over the weekend – over the quarantine.

– It was probably Jon-Herwig Carlsen who told me that there is only one reason not to work when it comes to commenting. It’s own funeral. I have gone to a good school, chuckles Stabrun Smith and adds: – I have been far worse before.

Before the weekend’s relay and the start of the hunt, he still makes some reservations. It is his health situation that determines whether he can complete the job or not.

– As long as I’m not very ill, it’s okay to sit in a hotel room to do a job. So then the plan is that we finish. Now I gather some strength on Friday so I think it goes well on Saturday and Sunday. Then we get the job done, says Stabrun Smith.

Then it may be that he sometimes has to turn down the volume to cough and rake.

That’s how it can be with the corona …

Expert commentator Ola Lunde does not blame Stabrun Smith.

– I can not do my job and report “low right”, but we can make the best of it. We still had usable control of the sprint, I would say even if we suffer because I can not talk to coaches, athletes and lubricators, Lunde says to VG.

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