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Klæbo to the top after a turbulent week – the closest surprise

LILLEHAMMER (VG) Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (25) showed his usual superiority again in the sprint. Thomas Helland Larsen (23) took his first podium place in the World Cup.

OWN CLASS: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo celebrates sprint victory in the World Cup. Behind, Thomas Helland Larsen sprints into second place ahead of Richard Jouve.

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– It’s great to come here and be able to turn on enough to be able to fight for the victory. It is very cool, says Klæbo to NRK.

The speed at the end of Klæbo was absolutely superb. He was not threatened in the race, and celebrated victory 41 in the World Cup in front of the audience.

Last weekend, Klæbo had to settle for second place behind Russian Aleksandr Terentjev, his first defeat in the sprint for a foreign competitor in three years.

Thomas Helland Larsen (23), who is not on the national team, provided double Norwegian ahead of Richard Jouve with the first podium of his career in the World Cup. Thus, he joins the debate about a place in the Olympic squad, where the sprint is freestyle.

– A fantastic achievement by Thomas, says sprint coach Arild Monsen to NRK.

– It’s so sick big to get it out, says Helland Larsen, who only has a 26th and 48th place in the World Cup from before.

Håvard Solås Taugbøl, Lauri Vourinen and Marcus Grate ended up off the podium.

– Strongly made by Klæbo to shake off what he has been through. He is clearly on his way to great form, says NRK expert Torgeir Bjørn.

It’s been storming around Klæbo this week. Adressa revealed that he did not use the logo of the Ski Association’s sponsor and licensee Viaplay on the suit last weekend.

Klæbo believes the collaboration is problematic for credibility. Klæbo’s plan was for him to continue with the protest, but on Thursday the case took a new turn and he still agreed to use the logo.

The Norwegian Ski Association and Klæbo have “agreed to disagree”. Klæbo was affected the press conference on Thursday, and several ski experts believe that there is a power struggle between the athlete and the association.

Erik Valnes, one of the big pre-favorites, smoked out in the semifinals. Even Northug and Finn Hågen Krogh did the same.

– Stick out, says Valnes to NRK.

Haakon Skaanes, Pål Golberg and Sindre Bjørnestad Skar thanked each other in the quarterfinals. Emil Iversen went out in a sprint prologue for the second weekend in a row.

On the women’s side won Maja Dahlqvist in front of Jessie Diggins and Tiril Udnes Weng.

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