Friday, January 28

Local life: Initiative Saint Martin Active donates three refurbished computers to three associations – Faxinfo

A good example to follow ! As part of a “zero sustainable waste” initiative, Initiative Saint Martin Active wished to donate last Tuesday three laptops, still in good working condition after being reconditioned at “Buzz” in Hope Estate. The three associations, “Nature is the Key”, “I Love My Neighborhood-J’aime Mon Quartier” and “SOS Enfants des Iles du Nord” have appreciated the beautiful gesture at its fair value!

Through its donations, Initiative Saint Martin Active wished to promote this practice, which is economically, socially and environmentally beneficial.

“Our approach has three main objectives: make the use of digital accessible, develop digital sobriety by reducing the production of electronic waste in the territory and reconnect digital and social inclusion” explains Sabrina Rivère, director of Initiative Saint Martin Active.

Thanks to these three computers, the three associations which fight against the exclusion and integration of young people will make many users happy. A special mention to the technicians of the “Buzz” store who did a very good job to give a second life to the three laptops! _OF

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