Monday, January 24

Massive ice cream recalled due to carcinogen

The list of blacklisted products continues to grow. Ice creams from large-scale retailers have again been the subject of a massive recall by the health authorities.

This new series of warnings concerns sticks and tubs of ice cream from the Eskiss, Bio village, Trium, Carrefour, U, Auchan and Casino brands. The list is available on the dangerous goods alerts website set up by the government.

These ice creams are suspected of containing too much of a substance known to be carcinogenic. The molecule in question is ethylene oxide. It is a gaseous disinfectant often used to avoid the risks of salmonella and mold.

Very flammable, it can easily dissolve in water, alcohol or even in most organic solvents, the organic material being composed mainly of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Ethylene oxide is considered a carcinogen, mutagen and reprotoxic (CMR), that is to say, which is potentially dangerous for reproduction. To date, no serious case of poisoning has been reported in Europe since the first product recalls last February.

However, health authorities recommend contacting the brands consumer service and destroying products that are the subject of an alert. In case of problems, you should contact your doctor or a poison control center closest to your home.

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