Sunday, January 16

NRK commentator got a surprise: – Gained many new followers from Iran

Rarely has handball commentator Patrick Rowlands “taken off” on social media.

In place in the hall. Patrick Rowlands gained many new followers on Instagram.

CASTELLON (AFTENPOSTEN): When the handball commentator saw Iran warm up in the World Cup, before the match against Romania, he took a video clip which he posted on social media. He tagged the Iranian Handball Federation. Then something happened.

– I wrote “Making history” when I took a video of the women’s team that came running in the hall during the warm-up. I posted it on my Instagram account.

The association thanked me, translated and posted it on its own platforms. Suddenly it ran in with followers, says Rowlands.

He was surprised, because this has never happened before.

– I may not think they have much more to look forward to in the future, laughs Rowlands.

He covers championship number 17, in recent years with partner Geir Oustorp. They comment on the radio.

The goalkeeper cheers for a save, but at the break it was 20-3 to Iran.

Charming and fun

They will be present throughout the championship in Spain, this time with the biggest World Cup ever.

– The level barely held to 24 teams, with 32 there will be many silly results.

Rowlands says, however, that he understands the expansion, and that perhaps the level difference will be smaller in a few years.

– What is special about many new followers is that they clearly appreciate that the national team is part of a historic World Cup for their part.

The women’s team plays with hijab and solid clothing under the suit.

Rowlands adds that it is nevertheless charming and fun that Iran and other more inexperienced handball nations on the women’s side can take part in what is happening in Castellon.

Norway will meet Iran on Sunday. If he posts more about the Iranian team, he will probably be “bombed” again. Every quarter, nearly 50 new followers came.

Haniyeh Karimi jumps in from the wing.

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