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Got zero problems: – Very easy for Carlsen

DUBAI (Aftenposten): Magnus Carlsen’s lead in the World Chess Championship was never threatened.

Magnus Carlsen played a draw again on Saturday.


It was the next day-chess in Dubai on Saturday.

After Carlsen’s victory after almost eight hours the night before, there was now a draw after three hours. Same result as in the first five World Cup games, that is. Only that the dynamics have now completely changed, since Carlsen now leads the World Cup.

The score is now 4-3. Seven games remain. And if all parties end in a draw, Carlsen will thus win the World Cup.

– Will you go for victory again?

– It very much depends on the position on the board. As I mentioned earlier: It’s half a World Cup match left. Leading by one point does not drastically change the strategy for any of the players, says Carlsen.

– I do not want to say that to you

Nepomnyashchy created few problems for Carlsen in Saturday’s party. “Very easy for Carlsen,” described commentator and chess star Anish Giri.

The Russian also used the Spanish opening – just like in his previous white games.

But if it continues like this, “Nepo” must do something different.

– There will come a time for that. But I am not convinced that that time has come yet, says Carlsen.

Would not respond

On Friday night, Nepomnyashchy was – understandably – blank in the eye. But on Saturday he was in a better mood.

When asked if the loss on Friday night affected Saturday’s party, Nepomnyashchij answered “absolutely not”.

But when asked if he has now changed his strategy for the World Cup match as a whole, the answer was more cryptic.

“I do not want to say that to you,” Nepo said to presenter Maurice Ashley.

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