Monday, January 17

Norway’s newcomer received a special message at Frognerbadet. It may have been crucial to its success.

LILLEHAMMER (Aftenposten): Curiosity has helped Håvard Moseby (22) into the World Cup company.

Håvard Moseby, here during the Norwegian season opener at Beitostølen a few weeks ago. There he impressed. He also did so during Saturday’s 15 kilometer skating in Lillehammer.

Håvard Moseby is one of the country’s most promising cross-country skiers, but the season run – up was not as he had imagined. An injury led to him having to engage in alternative training.

How should he get in shape for the start of the season? The solution was swimming. He took the trip to Frognerbadet in Oslo. After a few rounds, a man came up to him.

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