Monday, January 17

Origi became an overtime hero for Liverpool – at the top of the table

(Wolverhampton – Liverpool 0-1) Divock Origi (26) became the big hero when Liverpool struggled to three points away against Wolverhampton.

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Liverpool seemed to go goalless for the first time this season, but three and a half minutes into overtime Divock Origi appeared. The cult hero, who has made it his trademark to score incredibly important goals for Liverpool, got the ball by Mohamed Salah inside the box and thumped the ball into goal.

The goal is Origis’ first in the Premier League this season.

Thus, Liverpool won 1-0, which means that Liverpool has passed Chelsea and currently tops the Premier League.

Until the overtime goal, Diogo Jota seemed to be the scapegoat for Liverpool.

Jota, who played for Wolverhampton from 2018 to 2020, was met with booing from the home fans, but got a couple of good chances in Saturday’s match. The biggest came just before the hour was played.

The Portuguese – who turned 25 on Saturday – intercepted the ball after a collision between Wolves goalkeeper José Sá and defender Romain Saïss. With the goalkeeper out of position, Jota accelerated towards goal. There Conor Coady and Max Kilman stood on the line, and from five meters Jota shot with full force straight into Coady.

After Chelsea lost 2-3 away to West Ham earlier Saturday, now leads the Liverpool Premier League – at least for a while.

Liverpool had scored four goals in each of the last three matches in the Premier League, and on Wednesday became the first team at the top level in English football to have scored two goals or more in 18 games in a row. Away against Wolverhampton, however, the line was broken for Jürgen Klopp’s men, but one goal held to three points.

Before the break, it was Mohamed Salah who was closest to scoring, but a heroic involvement from Wolverhampton’s Romain Saïss made the Premier League top scorer control the ball in the empty cage.

NO SCORING: Romain Saïss just disturbed Mohamed Salah enough that the Liverpool star did not get this ball in goal.

In the second half it waved more back and forth, but it was Liverpool who got the biggest opportunities. Jota, Sadio Mané and Thiago all had great chances for Liverpool, but it was only in overtime that the goal came for Liverpool, signed Divock Origi.

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