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Simple draw for Carlsen when the Russian was to strike back: – Perfect by Carlsen

DUBAI / OSLO (VG) (Jan Nepomnjasjtsjij-Magnus Carlsen 1 / 2–1 / 2, total 3–4) Magnus Carlsen (31) held Jan Nepomnjasjtsjij (31) to a draw in a short game – and thus still leads overall in chess -VM.

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– That was nice. A quick game is brilliant, says Carlsen to VG.

– Are you going to attack tomorrow?

We will see, but basically I have white and want to try. Then we will see if it works, says the reigning world champion.

The Russian had white pieces and was going to try to fight back after Friday’s marathon party. Carlsen had a breakthrough in the World Cup match with the first victory, after almost eight hours and 136 moves at the board.

– I could not sleep yesterday, I was too elated, Carlsen reveals after today’s party.

Nepomnyashchij went offensively from the start and tried a surprise with farmer c3 in the eleventh move. It was far from enough to tip Carlsen off the stick, who never allowed the World Cup challenger to get a real advantage in the party.

– I’m not very impressed. He has to invent something new, he can not play like that every time, Frode Urkedal said about “Nepos”‘s attempt to strike back.

He sat in the studio with VG’s regular chess expert Jon Ludvig Hammer.

– Magnus has full control, he considered when it was time for an exchange of blows between the farmers in the middle of the board.

Fewer pieces on the board were an advantage for Carlsen and the experts felt confident in a quick draw. They were right, because it did not take long before the board was almost empty and the players took each other by the hand.

– The party is perfectly executed by Carlsen, says Hammer.

– Magnus got exactly what he wanted, it could not have gone better, says Urkedal.

CONTROL: Norway’s reigning world champion in chess, Magnus Carlsen, never had major problems with Jan Nepomnyashchji’s attack on Saturday.

Magnus Carlsen had played 19 games in a row with a draw in three World Cup matches (two against Sergei Karjakin, 12 against Fabiano Caruana and five against Jan Nepomnyashchjij) when he crushed the challenger in the party in chess World Cup history that has had the most moves on Friday : 136.

It took the Norwegian more than seven and a half hours to defeat the Russian in a party full of action and excitement.

Magnus Carlsen is trying to defend the World Cup title for the fourth time after he became world champion by beating Viswanathan Anand in 2013. Nepomnyashchi became a World Cup challenger by winning the so-called candidate tournament in Yekaterinburg.

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