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Google. Mittens, mochis and chainsaws: discover the most unusual searches of 2021

When we ask ourselves a question, we often ask Google for the answer. Each year, the search engine reveals its list of the most popular queries. And while most of them are up to date, others seem far more unlikely. We have selected eight research studies that may seem wacky, but which are actually not that much.

1. “Why were chainsaws invented? “

As amazing as it sounds, “Why were chainsaws invented?” »Is the second most popular question on Google in France in 2021. But the French enthusiasm for gardening and DIY has nothing to do with it. If the request saw a spike in traffic, it was actually because of a TikTok video that was “liked” tens of thousands of times. Moreover, curious people who have sought the origin of the chainsaw may have regretted it: it was initially used to perform symphysiotomy, a procedure consisting of cutting the joint of the pubic bones during a difficult childbirth. .

2. “Why were cereals created? “

Among the questions most asked by the French this year, we also find “Why were cereals created?” “. Here again, the answer is surprising. Indeed, cornflakes were indeed invented by John Harvey Kellogg, a doctor, to fight against masturbation.

3. “Why is the sky yellow?” “

Earlier this year, Google recorded a spike in searches related to the question “Why is the sky yellow?” “. A trend that can be explained by a meteorological oddity observed by millions of French people. At the time, the sky took on an ocher color over a large part of France. In question: strong winds which made migrate the sand of the Sahara.

4. “How do you find true love? “

Across the world, Internet users have asked themselves this year “how to write a letter of application” or “how to style braids”, but above all “how to find true love”. Proof that love always triumphs, the term “soul mate” has been more sought after than ever. In the United States, the tendency was for questions like “How to be attractive?” “,” How to kiss well? “Or” How to be romantic? “.

5. «Mochi», «matcha» et «menu BTS»

In France, social networks have made mochi a real culinary phenomenon. In April, Google recorded an unprecedented interest in this viscous cupcake from Japan. Internationally, matcha tea has become trendy at the same time and for the same reasons. Never before have so many people researched this very fine powder from Asia. In June, the collaboration between McDonald’s and BTS put all K-pop fans in turmoil, making the special menu the most wanted one in the world in 2021.

6. «Mulet»

Hair symbol of the 1980s, the mule is making a remarkable comeback on the heads of young people. Popularized by stars like Zendaya, Zac Efron or Miley Cyrus, this unusual haircut has generated more research than ever between the months of May and September.

7. “Mittens”

Last January, the inauguration ceremony of US President Joe Biden was marked by the appearance of Bernie Sanders … in mittens. The image of the octogenarian has toured the world and has become the most popular meme (a humorous image that spreads on the web) of the year in the United States. Research on mittens has never been so extensive.

8. “One two three sun” and “dalgona cookies”

The South Korean series Squid Game had the biggest startup in Netflix history in the fall. Watched by tens of millions of people around the world, the program features characters in dire need of money. To win the jackpot, they must win children’s games, or die. They must notably compete on “one two three sun” and an event centered around “dalgona biscuits”. In September, the research focused on this playground classic and crunchy sugar pancakes reached new heights.

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