Monday, January 17

Health. The Tous Anti Covid application is evolving and is extended until July 31

The injection of a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine once again highlighted the role of the Tous Anti Covid application. Especially since, in the same way that the virus mutates into various variants, such as the latest Omicron, the government’s mobile tool has also evolved.

All Anti Covid, which allowed since the spring to store its health pass after being tested or vaccinated, in addition to consulting the key figures of the epidemic and the latest news on the virus, features available since its launch, offers a new feature. The application is now able to send personalized health recommendations based on data from our health pass.

A proportionate evolution

For example, it is now possible to receive a message alerting you to the need to receive a third dose of vaccine to continue to benefit from the health pass, as it approaches its expiry date. Or advice on the attitude to take in the event of a positive Covid-19 result is integrated into the application.

The National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil), which ensures the respect and proper processing of users’ personal data, therefore had to speak urgently on the subject. In its opinion, delivered urgently on December 2, the organization considers its new functionalities “proportional” with the goal assigned to the application. Changes that she considers important because where the “notebook” option of the application was only used to store her pass, the data related to the health pass (date of the injection, vaccine used) can now be used. by the application.

The CNIL ensures that “the personal data (name, first names) should only make it possible to detect which certificates are concerned by the targeted recommendation when the user has integrated several certificates (family, relatives, etc.) within the application” and “That no data will be collected outside” of Tous Anti Covid.

Call for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the health pass

However, it considers that the user must be informed about the processing of their data and may refuse to have them processed. And therefore to receive personalized notifications. In conclusion, the Commission considers the development, although not substantial, of the application “consistent with the duration planned for the other measures implemented for the management of the health crisis”.

However, she criticized the lack of data on these other measures implemented for the management of the health crisis. Starting with the effectiveness of the health pass, on which she challenged the government on several occasions to judge its effectiveness. “Such an evaluation, which remains a condition for using these devices, must also make it possible to ensure that the use of them will end as soon as the health situation no longer justifies it”, writes the CNIL.

In the same opinion, the CNIL also authorized the extension of the application until July 31, 2022, “consistent with the duration planned for the other devices implemented for the management of the health crisis”.

Finally, it should be noted that another application, Tous Anti Covid Verif, has also undergone a minor improvement but with a very significant impact. According to Le Parisien, it is now possible by scanning a health pass to determine whether it is fraudulent or not.

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