Wednesday, January 26

Støre pays tribute to the handball girls: – Simply magic

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre says he did not believe what he saw when Norway turned the World Cup final against France.

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– It was simply magic. For a team effort. It is just to congratulate, he says to VG.

He says he followed the match from the prime minister’s residence and says that everyone has something to learn from what the Norwegian handball ladies delivered.

– Turning what looked like a defeat to victory, as they did, is fantastic, especially because they did it as a team. When in addition we have a goalkeeper who starts to take everything, then it was possible, says Støre who had timed the match with dinner.

– We are now celebrating with freshly cooked chicken.

Hip, hip, hurray – congratulations, writes former Prime Minister Erna Solberg on Twitter.

– For a second round, incredible pick-up, incredible ladies, Solberg writes.

The French Handball Federation also pays tribute to the Norwegian world champions.

– And the best finals are (almost) always against Norway.

– This is completely wild in fact, writes handball and tennis tips Toma Rimac on Twitter.

– France should have gone to the break with a much larger lead, instead Norway saw little hope in the break. Now they win the World Cup by winning the second round with 10+ goals. Strange development to say the least.

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