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Bouillon cube: here are the worst brands according to 60 million consumers

Widely used by cooking enthusiasts to give their dishes a little more flavor, not all dehydrated broths sold in stores are created equal.

The magazine 60 Million Consumers has published a classification of these cubic broths, stock and veal stock. He screened more than twenty of these products, and more particularly their salt content and the presence of additives (flavor enhancers, colorants, thickeners, etc.). And the finding is not necessarily the most pleasant.

With regard to salt, no less than nine poultry broths out of eleven tested, for example, did not obtain the average in the association’s notes. And the choice of the consumer is important since, depending on the recipes, the salt content varies from 0.43 g to 1.63 g per 150 ml.

In the end, the benchmark that comes last in the ranking made by 60 million consumers is Kania poultry broth from Lidl. This product contains too much salt, additives and allergens, but also palm oil. Which earned it a score of 7.5 out of 20.

Top rated vegetable broths

In the penultimate place, we find the Auchan poultry broth. Rated 9/20, this reference pays for its excessively high salt content, but also its additives and allergens which are too numerous. Dilecta brand chicken broth shares the same issues in its recipe, and therefore the same score of 9 out of 20 and the same place in the ranking.

Finally, Knorr chicken broth is the last product to be found below average (9.5 / 20). Once again, the presence of salt, additives and allergens is involved, despite the welcome absence of sugar.

Note that, on all the products rated, no vegetable broth is placed below the average.

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