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DIRECT – Coronavirus: 94,000 new cases recorded in France in 24 hours, a record since the start of the epidemic

Many countries, including France, are facing a fifth wave of the epidemic. Follow all the news related to Covid-19 in France and around the world.


France crossed the threshold of 94,000 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday evening, Christmas Eve, a threshold never reached since the start of the epidemic in March 2020, according to figures published by Public Health France.

94,124 new cases were recorded in 24 hours, under the effect of the fifth wave which intensifies carried by the variant Omicron, much more contagious.


Chile will administer a fourth dose of vaccine against the coronavirus from February, starting with the risk categories before extending the measure to the rest of the population, announced President Sebastian Piñera.

The first to receive the booster shot will be healthcare workers, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses


A first case of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 was detected in Martinique, the regional health agency announced on Friday.

“This person was very quickly placed in solitary confinement,” said Olivier Coudin, deputy director general of the ARS on the RCI branch, without specifying the patient’s age or sex.


The United Kingdom, faced with a meteoric spread of the Omicron variant, recorded more than 122,000 additional Covid-19 cases on Friday, a new record since the start of the pandemic.

The country, one of the most affected in Europe by the pandemic, recorded 137 additional deaths in 24 hours – to reach a total of 147,857 – but also 1,171 hospitalizations, marking an acceleration while this data, closely monitored, remained for the little changed hour.


Uruguayan President Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou has chosen to celebrate Christmas Eve on Friday with the 800 peacekeepers of his country deployed in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we learned from a UN source.

3:35 p.m.

Emmanuel Macron will hold a health defense council dedicated to Covid-19 on Monday, just before the Council of Ministers which must adopt the bill transforming the health pass into a vaccine pass, the Elysee announced on Friday.

The President of the Republic must participate by videoconference in the health defense council which is scheduled for 4:00 p.m., one hour before the Council of Ministers, said the Elysee. Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said Wednesday that a “reassessment of the health situation” was scheduled for that date, while the arrival of the Omicron variant is causing contamination figures to panic across Europe.


South Africa has decided to end the tracing of contact cases of people who have tested positive for Covid-19, believing that the majority of the population has already been in contact with the virus.

“The tracing of contact cases will be stopped, with immediate effect, except in the case of clusters or positive cases in closed places”, such as schools, prisons, retirement homes or large gatherings, according to a circular from the general management of Health sent Thursday evening to provincial officials.

These contact persons will have to watch for the appearance of fever or symptoms and only in this case to go to be tested, recommends the government. And for five to seven days, avoid crowded places, make sure to wear a mask and respect distancing more systematically.


Morocco extended Friday until the end of January the closure of its air borders, in force since November 29, to fight against the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. This closure, effective since November 29, was initially due to expire on December 31.

But the National Airports Office (ONDA) announced on Friday the “extension of the suspension of all passenger flights from and to Morocco until January 31, 2022”.


A negative PCR or antigen test of less than 24 hours will be mandatory from Tuesday for all passengers, vaccinated or not, going to French overseas territories from both mainland and abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday. Overseas.

“By a decree dated December 24, 2021, all passengers traveling to overseas territories will be required to present a negative test, PCR or antigen, of less than twenty-four hours upon boarding.” , he said in a statement.

This obligation will come into force from December 28 and will apply “for travel from France, as from all foreign countries”.


The government does not plan to require the combination of a vaccination pass and a test to go to a café, a ministerial source told AFP and the LREM president of the Law Commission Yaël Braun- Pivet.

The text of the bill that transforms the health pass into a vaccination pass has raised concerns and criticism on social networks, in particular about a provision on a possible “accumulation of supporting documents”.


Faced with the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic and while the Omicron variant, which is particularly contagious, is spreading in France, the High Authority for Health (HAS) recommends that the booster dose of vaccine can be carried out from three months.

In addition, in order to better protect them, the HAS recommends administering a booster to adolescents 12 to 17 years old, the most at risk, in its latest opinion published on Friday.


Twenty-six politicians have been sanctioned in China for failing to prevent an outbreak of Covid in the large city of Xi’an (north), which is now confined, the national disciplinary agency said on Friday.

The Chinese authorities have been applying a “zero Covid” strategy since last year, which consists of doing everything to limit the occurrence of new cases as much as possible. They thus put heavy pressure on local officials.

China has successfully brought the epidemic under control on its soil and has recorded just two deaths in a year and a half. However, it remains mobilized to avoid any outbreak


Vaccination against Covid-19 has been declared compulsory in Ecuador from the age of five, a world first for this age group, the Ministry of Health announced on Thursday.

So far, only a handful of countries have made vaccination compulsory for adults.


Contaminations by Covid-19 have exceeded 90,000 new cases recorded in 24 hours in France, a threshold never reached and an absolute record in this country since the start of the epidemic in March 2020, according to figures given Thursday by Public Health France.


After Spain, which has reinstated the wearing of a compulsory mask outside, Greece has announced that wearing a mask will be compulsory both indoors and outdoors during the end of the year celebrations. The Italian government also announced Thursday evening that wearing a surgical mask outside would become compulsory throughout Italy.

He added that the mask providing superior protection, the FFP2, would become mandatory for going to the cinema, theater, sporting events or on public transport.

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