Saturday, January 22

Music. Coldplay to stop releasing new albums in three years

It’s a curious announcement: Chris Martin, singer and frontman of Coldplay, predicted Thursday on the BBC that the British group will stop producing new music after a last album scheduled for 2025. But that does not sign the end of the group for so much.

“Our last real record will be released in 2025, and after that, I think we’ll only be touring,” the 44-year-old singer said in an excerpt from an interview with host Jo Whiley, which aired in full on Thursday. evening on the BBC.

“Maybe we’ll do a few collaborations, but the Coldplay catalog, strictly speaking, will end at that point,” added Chris Martin.

12 albums au total ?

Asked about these statements on another show, Whiley said Thursday morning that Chris Martin was “disarmingly honest” in an interview, but that she “never quite knew if he was joking or if he was joking. was deadly serious ”.

However, when their ninth album was released in October, Music of The Spheres, the singer of Coldplay had already told the music magazine NME that the group intended to make twelve albums – three more than now – before stopping.

After its launch on October 15, Music of The Spheres had risen directly to the first place of the British musical ranking for albums. It must be said that his first title Higher Power had been premiered from the International Space Station by Thomas Pesquet.

Recently, the pop rock group was also named in the group of the year and best rock / alternative group categories at the 2022 Brit Awards, UK pop music awards.

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