Saturday, January 22

Calais: a violent brawl between migrants and police leaves several injured

Clashes broke out this Thursday, December 30 between law enforcement and migrants during the dismantling of a camp in Calais, leaving around fifteen wounded among the police and several on the refugee side.

“Police officers and gendarmes faced, as part of an evacuation operation” with “a hundred migrants showing very great aggressiveness and refusing to leave the place”, affirmed the prefecture of Pas- de-Calais in a press release.

From the start of the operation, “the police were the target of numerous throwing projectiles.

About fifteen police and gendarmes were injured and taken care of by the emergency services, ”she said.

An important CRS system

Present on the spot, Emma of the inter-associative network Human Rights Observers (HRO), told AFP “at least three exiled people” injured and taken to hospital. According to her, some 200 people lived on this site.

During the recurrent evictions, “usually people are allowed to leave with their belongings”, but this morning “the police ordered the cleaning agents to seize everything and a cordon of CRS was created at 9:30”, she related.

Then, the CRS “chased the exiled people towards the exit of the perimeter”, their tents then remained inside this perimeter and “the cleaning agents were ordered to seize everything”, she continued.

A fight then broke out “between the exiled people who threw stones, and the CRS, who used tear gas and LBD”, continued Emma.

“The police force was much more important than usual” with some “ten vans of CRS”, underlined to AFP Pierre Roques of the Auberge des Migrants.

According to the town hall of Marck, a neighboring town, tear gas cartridges and various projectiles littered the premises on the arrival of a municipal team who went there, alerted by residents. The tension had eased by mid-morning.

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