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Carlsen rival corona infected – World Cup temporarily postponed for one hour

Hikaru Nakamura (34) withdraws from the last day of the World Cup in lightning chess after testing positive for the coronavirus. The game is currently postponed for one hour.

MEETED ON TUESDAY: Hikaru Nakamura (left) and Magnus Carlsen (right) played against each other in the last game of the World Cup in fast chess on Tuesday. None of them used face masks.

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The International Chess Federation (FIDE) wrote on Twitter that the start of the final day of the Lightning Chess World Cup was postponed for half an hour. The final day was scheduled to start at 14.00. Magnus Carlsen was at 14.30 in place in the gaming room – wearing a face mask. Then came the message that the start has been postponed for another half hour.

One of the referees tells NRK that the players who have been in close contact with those who have tested positive, will be tested during this half hour.

FIDE writes that they strongly encourage everyone to wear a face mask.

Nakamura even wrote about the corona infection Twitter.

He writes that he did not feel good before the fast chess, but that he tested himself then and was negative. He needed to take a new test in connection with his flight on Friday, and then tested positive.

– I can not complete the tournament, and I am now worried about all my opponents, writes Nakamura.

The American played against Magnus Carlsen in the last game during the World Cup in fast chess on Tuesday 28 December, and the TV pictures showed that Nakamura coughed several times during the match against Carlsen. The two also shook hands several times. NRK’s ​​host Ole Rolfsrud noted the hosting in his own way, and called the American “Hikaru Hostamura”.

– We received information about ten minutes ago, writes Henrik Carlsen, Magnus Carlsen’s father and manager, in an SMS to VG at 2 pm, before he later reports to NRK that team Carlsen “eats and enjoys himself”.

In lightning chess, Nakamura had 8.5 out of 12 possible points after the first day and was equal with Magnus Carlsen, one and a half points behind the leader Levon Aronjan, who had 10 points.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) confirms on Twitter that several players have tested positive for the corona virus, and that several players have therefore had to withdraw from the tournament. They further write that their opponents have been contacted so that they can check themselves further.

The Norwegian chess player Aryan Tari says the following to NRK about the positive test for Nakamura:

– Totally sick, was really surprised to hear it. Actually, it’s a disaster for the tournament. I do not know if those he has played on must be quarantined?

Tari believes that infection control has been well taken care of during the championship in the Polish capital Warsaw.

– But it is difficult when there are so many players (150). Then it is no wonder that someone tests positive. I saw that he did not feel so good before the fast chess either. No matter how much infection control you have, it is difficult to be 100 percent sure, says Tari.

Nakamura himself wrote on Twitter earlier Thursday that he was critical of the organizer not setting up his own test facilities, and that the players were therefore standing in a long queue for a public test offer. Indian Vidit Gujrathi, who stands at 7.5 after the first day, writes on Twitter that after two hours in line, he had to leave the queue to reach the first match. The start has since been postponed.

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