Monday, January 17

Coronavirus: Italy extends vaccine pass in the face of Omicron wave and changes quarantine

The Italian government, faced with a rebound in contagions due to the Omicron variant, decided on Wednesday evening to require the vaccine pass in transport, hotels, restaurant terraces, fairs and conferences as well as swimming pools and gyms.

A complete vaccination cycle or after recovery from Covid

These measures will come into force on January 10, according to the decree-law “introducing urgent measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic” adopted during a council of ministers chaired by Mario Draghi. Until now, to take the train and the plane, it was enough to be in possession of a health pass “base”, which could be obtained through vaccination but also with a negative test.

The vaccine pass, called in Italy “reinforced health pass”, is obtained only with a complete vaccination cycle or after recovery from the Covid. In Italy, the vaccination pass is currently required for certain professional categories such as health personnel and law enforcement personnel.

The ten-day quarantine abolished for contact cases vaccinated or cured of Covid

The government also decided on Wednesday to remove the ten-day quarantine for contact cases vaccinated or cured of Covid. The unvaccinated will have to continue to respect a ten-day quarantine. This relaxation of the quarantine rules aims to prevent the paralysis of certain sectors such as transport, where the large number of employees in quarantine has led, for example, to the cancellation of many trains.

Finally, the sports enclosures will be subjected to gauges: 35% for the covered enclosures and 50% for those in the open air. Like its European neighbors, Italy is currently facing a significant rebound in contagions in recent days.

Almost 100,000 new cases (98,020) were recorded on Wednesday, and more than 600,000 people are currently positive.

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