Wednesday, January 26

Covid-19: Fairs and exhibitions escape the limitation of the gauges

There will be no gauges for fairs and shows even organized indoors. An announcement made by the Secretary of State for Tourism which makes a difference between static gatherings and the places where one circulates. No gauges but a strict protocol. For the organizers, this is a good surprise, but caution remains in order.

Jean-Christophe Camus is co-producer of the Geek Life Festival. An event for fans of pop culture, which in theory takes place every year at the Parc des Expositions in Le Mans.

“The gauges are no longer there, but we are talking about the vaccination pass which arrives on January 15, so for us it is a week before the event. We have an audience that can be family with children, so will they be up to date? There are constraints at the level of the concerts that we have so we will have to sit down, we have questions to decide on the catering, ”he explains.

The producer who has already canceled his festival twice remains very cautious. It welcomes between 6,000 and 8,000 people for each edition.

“In a few weeks we’ll see. We learn to be careful unfortunately. We are happy, it allows us to work more calmly, but I’m still waiting to see if in two weeks, there isn’t a surprise or another change, ”he emphasizes.

The agricultural fair scheduled for Paris in February may take place, amusement parks such as Le Puy Du Fou will reopen. Wearing a mask and direction of movement will be the two main rules to respect.

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