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JUSTICE: New case of concealed work at the bar of the court – Faxinfo

Negligence and overconfidence brought them to the bar of the Saint-Martin local court in mid-December. A woman and a man jointly own a piece of land on which they have two villas built. In March of this year, the site was checked by border police officers. The latter observed five people at work who, after verification, were not authorized to work in the French part. The two employers – one partly French, the second partly Dutch – as well as the two co-owners are notably prosecuted for concealed work.

Four of the workers are employed by CS, a national of Peru, partly Dutch. He holds a residence permit in Sint Maarten but not in part French. CS has been a long-time friend of the co-owners and it was “with confidence” that they asked him to lay the tiles. “I wasn’t calling on a company but on a friend,” explains CB, one of the co-owners. He had all the more confidence in his tiler friend since the latter “had worked for the government of Sint Maarten”. However, the PAF noted that the craftsman’s activity was not declared in part Dutch.

The court reproached the co-owners for not having checked the craftsman’s situation and for paying him in cash without an invoice. They said they each paid $ 500 each week over a period of four to six weeks.

The fifth worker checked on the site is employed by BC, an entrepreneur on the French side and husband of FC, the second co-owner. The worker was not declared “negligently” either. The investigation proved that the BC company was in order and that the employees were all registered. As far as BC is concerned, it was a few hours after starting to work.

BC was sentenced to a suspended fine of 5,000 euros, the two co-owners to a fine of 3,000 euros each and the Peruvian craftsman installed partly Dutch to a fine of 5,000 euros, he is the only one not to be came to the hearing. (

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