Friday, January 21

Movie theater. Thanks to Spider Man and James Bond, dark rooms are appealing again

Rooms closed until May 19

Despite the months of closure and sanitary measures, dark rooms seem to have their heads above water with attendance down by only a quarter (23%) over the only months of opening if we compare it to 2019, last year without a pandemic, and “the recovery momentum was accentuated at the end of the year,” notes the CNC.

The figures are however difficult to compare from one year to the next, 2021 having again been marked by the pandemic. Remember: theaters remained closed until May 19, then subject to gauges and curfews, and finally to the presentation of the sanitary pass.

But in December alone, attendance is “close to normal”, with 20.43 million admissions, against 22.68 million in 2019, and nearly one million spectators per day since the start of the holidays. of Christmas !

Over the year, the market share of French films was 40.8% and that of American films 42.4%, which is one of the smallest gaps observed over the past ten years.

The Spider Man No Way home box

American films occupy the first three places in the ranking with Spider Man No Way home – released in theaters two weeks ago and which is already close to 5 million viewers -, ahead of James Bond and the highly anticipated Die Can Wait (4 million) then Dune (3.2 million). Follow behind three French films with more than 2 million spectators: Kaamelott First part (2.7 million), BAC Nord (2.2 million) and Les Tuche 4 (2 million), a family film that has barely been released that does not count s ‘stop there.

According to figures from the box office company Comscore stopped on December 21, “France is the country which shows the least significant drop in cinema attendance among the 5 major European countries, just ahead of Great Britain and the Spain. It is also less important than that observed in the United States ”, further underlines the CNC.

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