Monday, January 17

Supreme Taliban leader bans punishing former regime members

Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, supreme leader of the Taliban, ordered his troops not to “punish” officials of the former Afghan government.

The announcement comes as several NGOs have accused the Islamist regime of violence and summary executions. Quoted on Twitter by Mohammad Naeem, spokesman for the regime, the supreme leader said: “Respect my amnesty and do not punish the employees of the previous regime for their crimes of the past.”

The Supreme Leader has not been seen in public for several years

According to Mohammad Naeem, the mullah, who has not been seen in public, filmed or photographed for years, was speaking Wednesday evening to Afghan officials in Kandahar, in the south of the country, a Taliban stronghold.

Shortly before these statements, a video widely shared on social networks, in which we see a former army officer being beaten in a cell by two Taliban fighters. The Islamic emirate, the name given by the Taliban to their regime, said Wednesday that one of the soldiers would be punished.

When they came to power in mid-August, the Taliban had decreed a general amnesty and ensured that former soldiers or employees of the former Afghan government were not threatened.

Promises that according to the UN and NGOs Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are not kept. The latter have reported “credible allegations” of the summary execution or enforced disappearance of more than 100 former police and intelligence officers.

Afghan demonstrations against violence

On Tuesday, around thirty women demonstrated in Kabul for their rights, but also to ask the Taliban to stop their “criminal machine” and the assassinations of members of the former regime.

In his speech, Hibatullah Akhundzada also called on local authorities and tribal leaders to ensure that Afghans do not want to leave the country and that “their honor is protected”.

“Afghans are not respected in other countries, so no Afghan should leave the country,” said the supreme leader as the service issuing passports was stormed during its rare moments of openness.

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