Friday, January 21

People. Rapper Gims calls Muslims to order on New Year and Christmas

Gims has more than one string to his bow. Did you know him as a singer? There he is a preacher!

Indeed, the 35-year-old artist (formerly known under the name of Maître Gims) posted on Instagram on Saturday “stories”, short ephemeral videos in which, addressing his fellow Muslims, he urges them to stop him. wish the new year, and stop putting Christmas trees in their homes.

“Brothers, don’t do this …”

“Please with the ‘happy new year’, ‘new year’, let me, you know I never replied to that, and you keep sending me until January, February” , begins the rapper, decked out in his traditional sunglasses, enhanced with a shimmering Chanel cap. “In addition, Muslims, we have the same conviction, stop with that. Most of the time, Muslims send this to me. Brothers, don’t do this. “

The grave mine, the interpreter of Bella, connects on another of her fights, the birthdays: “Leave, I suffer with this, do not do that, because it is like that. It is one more step towards death. So that is not part of our convictions. “

“Large firs among Mustapha …”

Before adding, concerned about the behavior of others: “Come on, we focus on our own things. It’s not mean. But let’s stay strong on our values. “

Decidedly in verve, Gims then attacks Thanksgiving and Christmas. “When I see big trees at the Mustafa and Bakari houses, I see that we are not concentrated at home over there …”

As a reminder, Gims was a declared support of Valérie Pécresse (LR) during the last regional in Ile-de-France. It is not known if he supports her for the presidential election.

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