Tuesday, January 18

A woman found dead in the trunk of a car in Nice: her companion placed in police custody

A woman was found dead in the trunk of a car in Nice and her companion was taken into custody, the Nice prosecutor’s office said on Sunday, which opened an investigation for “intentional homicide by spouse”.

The 60-year-old man presented himself on Saturday around 8:00 p.m. at the Nice police station, declaring that he had had an argument with his wife or ex-wife, an element which remains to be clarified at this stage. by telling officials that he did not know in what state the victim was, the prosecution told AFP.

The 60-year-old then drove the police to a garage where a vehicle belonging to his son was stored. The police then discovered the body of the 45-year-old victim in the trunk. The father and son were taken into custody. According to the first forensic evidence, the death was due to strangulation.

One of the sons was taken into custody

The 24-year-old son is the eldest of the couple’s three children, the other two being 21 and 17. The investigation was entrusted to the departmental security.

The information was given by the mayor of Nice in a tweet: “Devastated after the discovery, in Nice, of the body of a woman who would have been killed by her ex-companion”, writes Christian Estrosi (ex-LR).

“I want to speak out against the horror of this murder. My thoughts are with the children, family and loved ones of the victim who was an agent of our community.”, continues the mayor by asking that “the fight and the worsening of sanctions against intra-family violence” become “a great cause for the year 2022”.

On Saturday already two women, aged 27 and 56, had been stabbed to death in Maine-et-Loire and Meurthe-et-Moselle. Their companions were taken into custody. These two murders have aroused the anger of feminist collectives.

“Violence against women does not end with the new year. What must be understood is that feminicides are only the top of the iceberg and that there is a great deal of psychological and physical violence that takes place. happen before killing this woman “, had denounced Saturday Marylie Breuil, member of #NousToutes, on France Info.

According to a report from the Ministry of the Interior, 102 men killed their spouse or ex-spouse in 2020. They were 146 in 2019. The feminist collective against gender-based and sexual violence #NousToutes counts 113 feminicides in 2021.


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