Monday, January 17

Audiences: how long did the French spend in front of the small screen in 2021?

Their habits still shaken by the health crisis, the French spent 3:41 in front of the small screen in 2021, against 3:58 in 2020 and 3:40 in 2019 (Source: Médiamétrie).

The overall listening time, which includes consumption on the television screen but also live, deferred or replay internet screens, regardless of the location (at home, on vacation, in a public place, with relatives, friends …), therefore tends to regain its pre-Covid level. The biggest consumers are still people aged 50 and over with 5:38 hours of television per day. Children aged 4 to 14 consumed 1 hour 10 minutes of TV per day.

Still according to Médiamétrie’s annual Mediamat, which measures the consolidated audience of the channels, TF1 remains the leading channel in terms of audience share for the year 2021 with 19.7%. It is followed on the podium by France 2 (14.7%), then France 3 (9.4%).


Major sporting events and very popular French fiction

Sport, the speeches of the President of the Republic, and French fiction – which alone occupies no less than 46 of the best audiences of the past year – dominate the ranking of the hundred best television audiences of the year 2021, in particular thanks to to the performances of “La promesse”, “Capitaine Marleau”, but especially HPI. The series with Audrey Fleurot can even be proud of having become the third most watched French series in the history of television (since the modern measurement of audience created in 1989).

On the sport side, three Euro matches are at the top of the Top 100, the round of 16 opposing the Blues to Switzerland rising to the very first place with 16.4 million viewers. Sport in general (League of Nations, rugby, etc.) alone occupies 18 ranks. This is obviously much more than in 2020, where it only occupied 4 places due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the many postponements and cancellations of events.

Note that the show “Enfoirés” (which gathered 9.6 million viewers) and the Miss France 2022 contest (7.3 million viewers), are still among the essential programs of the PAF.

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