Friday, January 28

Everyday life. Remove a stain of bleach from his clothes? This is how it is possible

Did you act too late? Remains the dye

Did not have time to rub the stain with the right product? You have the recolouring left. If your garment is white, play the discoloration card thoroughly by soaking the laundry for 30 minutes in a mixture of water and bleach. Then, head for the washing machine by adding a whitening product.

If your garment is colored, in this case it is necessary to obtain a dye in the same tones. Be careful though: not all materials can be dyed. This is particularly the case with fleece sweaters and polyester, acrylic or cashmere clothing, recalls Current wife.

Note that if the task is small, it is possible to color it with a fabric marker in the color of the garment. The product is available in supermarkets.

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