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Frustrated Fossesholm drops the Tour de Ski end: – Now it’s just awful

VAL DI FIEMME (VG) Helene Marie Fossesholm (20) has no idea why nothing works a few weeks before the Olympics start. She drops the last stage of the Tour de Ski.

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She does not thrive on skis at the moment.

– Now I do not find pleasure in skiing and wearing myself out. It’s not fun. I do not have the same joy before the start. I’m not looking forward to it hurting. It has been a while now. It’s not that fat, says Fossesholm to VG with sunglasses on his forehead and a face mask.

She finished 33rd in the 10-kilometer race in Italy, almost two and a half minutes behind Natalya Neprjajeva. Heidi Weng became best Norwegian in second place.

After five of six stages, she is in 30th place in the Tour de Ski, over six minutes behind Neprjajeva. On Monday afternoon, it became clear that Fossesholm would drop the last stage of the Tour de Ski, something she hinted at right after the race.

– I have to go home to get back in shape. I do not think it is far away, but I have to find the peace and joy of wearing myself out. It has been one of my strengths, that I like to be in pain, says Fossesholm.

– Do you have any explanation for why this is so now?

– I have no idea. No answer.

– How are you going to find answers and the spark back before the Olympics, which starts in a month?

– Exercise and enjoy skiing. I have to find the shape. It’s more fun to ski when you can just shovel without it being horrible, but good in a way. Well, it’s just awful, the 20-year-old replies.

LITTLE JOY: Helene Marie Fossesholm does not have much fun skiing during the day.

Fossesholm’s training went innot as planned this fall. Among in connection with altitude stays. She does not know if that could be the explanation for the downturn.

– Now I can not bear to think about it. Now I have more than enough to just handle myself, says Fossesholm.

The 20-year-old had a very good season last year, and among other things went to Norway for World Cup gold in relay as an anchor woman. This winter has been tougher.

– I’m down in a valley I would like to get out of. It’s not so long since I went one good race in Lillehammer. I do not think it takes much. But I need help to find light in the tunnel now, says Fossesholm and adds:

– It would have been nice if someone could come up with a lantern.

National team coach Ole Morten Iversen does not seem to be worried on behalf of his youngest athlete.

– In classic, she has been completely out for the whole year and she is not in top shape either. But we know her potential when she gets home and calms down a bit, and makes good preparations in the height before the Olympics. I am reasonably confident that she will be back at her best for that, says Iversen and emphasizes:

– We have a lot of time. We just have to do the right thing.

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