Tuesday, January 25

Investment: Lego “more lucrative” than wine and gold, according to a study

A study by the Russian School of Economic Sciences has just confirmed that investment in Lego has become “more lucrative” than wine and gold.

The study, which was relayed by The Guardian, specifically states that investments in the games of the famous building brick brand would be “more lucrative than investing in gold, art or wine”.

Indeed, on the second-hand market, amateurs and collectors are snapping up colored bricks at very high prices.

For Victoria Dobrynskaya, associate professor of finance at Moscow University, editions dating from 20 or 30 years ago “make collectors nostalgic” and prices are necessarily pulled up.

According to the study, between 1987 and 2015, the 2,322 Lego lots that were studied saw their values ​​increase by 11%, on average, each year. For Victoria Dobrynskaya, some products have even brought in a profit of more than 600% per year.

Please note, not all prizes are created equal. Only the limited editions or the collector’s versions take on a high value. In addition, the study that was carried out only looked at products with intact packaging.

So, if you own one of the starships from the Star Wars saga or one of the replicas of monuments such as the Taj Mahal, it is likely that a collector will buy it back from you at a good price. A good start to the year 2022 …


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