Monday, January 24

Olivier Véran: “the objective of the vaccination pass is to save lives”

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, was in the National Assembly this Monday, January 3 to defend the transformation of the health pass into a vaccine pass.

“The objective of this law is not to constrain the individual and collective freedoms of the French. The objective of this law is to save lives, to protect our hospitals, to relieve the workload of our caregivers ”, assured the Minister on the first day of the examination of the bill in session. public.

Olivier Véran felt that he was not taking these measures “with a cheerful heart”. “We are not supporters of restrictions on freedoms (…) We do so for the time strictly necessary for the protection of the French (…) and not one more day”, he insisted in front of the deputies.

An Omicron “tidal wave”

Faced with the “tidal wave” of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, the health pass transformed into a vaccine pass will be mandatory to access leisure activities, restaurants and bars, fairs or interregional public transport.

Despite the opposition of France Insoumise, the Communists or the National Rally, the vote of the bill by the deputies before its passage in the Senate (from Wednesday) seems acquired for the majority.

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