Monday, January 24

Oslo awaits contagion after mass testing in schools

Health Councilor Robert Steen (Labor Party) believes that the infection rates in Oslo will skyrocket when students and teachers are to have their coronation tested before the first day of school in the new year.

Health Councilor Robert Steen (Labor Party) believes that infection rates in Oslo will increase as a result of mass testing in schools. Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

– I expect that we will get a jump in the number of positive tests as a consequence of the mass testing in schools, Steen says to NTB the day before the first school day in the new year for the capital’s around 90,000 students.

On Tuesday, they gather again in the schoolyard, but before that time, all students and teachers have been asked to test themselves.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has encouraged students and staff in schools and kindergartens to take a coronal test 24 hours before the first day of school. Oslo is among the municipalities that follow the call.

Excited about the result

The mass testing is in full swing, Steen says on Monday. He says it is too early to say anything about how it went, but reveals that he is excited about the result.

– This is the first time we do it, so we are excited if we see that it affects the numbers, says the health council.

He thinks the arrows will point upwards when the test results start ticking in.

– I think it is in the cards that the number will go up as a consequence of the school testing. Otherwise we would not have had any need to reintroduce it, says Steen and adds:

– We can not hand out tens of thousands of tests in the belief that it will not have any effect, says the health council, who points out that infection rates will probably also rise because people return to everyday life after the Christmas holidays.

Nearly 100,000 infected

Oslo has soon passed 100,000 corona-infected since March 2020. On Monday, the number was 99,593 infected Oslo citizens.

In the last 24 hours, 877 new corona infections have been registered in Oslo. That is 229 more than the same day last week, and 445 more than Saturday.

Steen says that the schools will continue with testing twice a week in the future.

– Do you have enough quick tests to complete this?

– As of today, we have pretty good quick tests. Then the government has said that tens of millions will come to the country soon. So I assume that there will be enough quick tests to be able to implement the regime that we are now implementing, says the health council.

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