Wednesday, January 19

Perpignan. Two plainclothes police unmask three bogus officers carrying out traffic checks

Two plainclothes police officers arrested fake agents who were carrying out illegal road checks in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales), reports The Independent. On the night of Saturday January 1 to Sunday January 2, around half past midnight, the two off-duty officers who were driving saw three men, who presented themselves as officials of the anti-crime brigade (BAC) and were wearing a police armband. , bulletproof vest and weapon (dummy).

A paraphernalia that caught the ears of real police officers

According to our colleagues, the (real) police officers realized the deception thanks to this paraphernalia: this outfit did not correspond to this range by real agents. When questioned, the counterfeiters would then have replied “move on, there’s nothing to see!” “, And that’s when they would have been unmasked, tells the local newspaper.

These three young people in their twenties were arrested by a brigade called in by the police who caught them in the act. They were taken into custody for “false use”. The reasons for this staging are unknown.

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